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NANOG List Update - Moving Forward

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 11:25 AM, -Hammer- <bhmccie at gmail.com> wrote:
> The tolerance of some of you out there is amazing. You must be PS3 users
> crying because your free game network is down. Maybe we can get a
PS3net users had a right to cry..  because their 'free' game network
is not really free,
and they bought a nice console that became a brick for indefinite
amounts of time....

> Be patient people. Maybe a little appreciation to these experts wouldn't
> hurt you either.

Patience is gold,  but operating or migrating a listserv is not rocket science,
and it cuts both ways.   Only a certain amount of patience is warranted for any
particular situation, and it appears posters have the warranted amount
of tolerance.

For now I am appreciative of  Robert Bonomi  and  Brielle Bruns  for
identifying issues.

I'll be happy to express appreciation, as soon as the "experts" get it
done and get
it right;  right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to
hear the news
that the issues are addressed  and everything's perfect.

In the mean time;  I am glad that the deficiencies witnessed are being reported.
And hope the experts are learning,   and at least taking the reports seriously,
esp.  regards to non-member posting, spam, "undisclosed-recipients" mess,
and header issues/ oddball "bulk_mailer" identification...

NANOG as an operators list should not itself become an example of poor
operator practice;  or poor planning/change management;
that would be an embarassment.

> -Hammer-