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NANOG List Update - Moving Forward

On Tue, 12 Jul 2011, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Jul 2011, Michael K. Smith - Adhost wrote:
>> If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.
> The new posts do not have list (un)subscribe information in the headers.

This took a very long time to get delivered (2h20 minutes).

Also, the new mail server doesn't seem to support TLS and during this 
short time it's been active, we've had multiple SPAM get distributed 
through the list as well.

What was the reason for the change, from what it looks like right now 
there seems to be quite a few downsides and functionality/performance 

Mikael Abrahamsson    email: swmike at swm.pp.se