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Hello List, a easy Cisco question.


       I am not a heads down network guy, but I have setup a few
   firewalls, and have got them to do what I wanted, "eventually". But
   mostly through reading and trial and error.

       I am struggling with this one, but I think I know the answer, but
   want to verify it with some experts.

       We have a cisco asa 5505, with an internet connection with only one
   useable ip address (subnet We/they have had a nat
   setup for outgoing connections for some time, but I have been trying to
   get a new inbound connection going for terminal services to a specific
   host on tcp port 3389. I'm using "ASDM" but checking the config file
   and it's building the correct static statement, and access lists (I
   think anyway). But It doesn't work, and doesn't give a real good
   definative log message. I was wondering if possibly the fact that nat
   is using the one ip address, if that precludes the static mapping from

       I've read several step by steps, and again had this working several
   other places, but always with more ip's. If having just one ip isn't
   the isssue, is there any other issues I should be looking for.

       I'd appreciate any insight you might share.

   Thanks in advance