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Why is IPv6 broken?

On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 04:50 -0400, Jeff Wheeler wrote:
> > "Can we have IPv6 transit?"
> > "Yes, please turn up a session to.."
> >
> > That was asking Cogent for IPv6 dual-stack on our existing IPv4
> > transit.
> I continue to hear different.  In my first-hand experience just about
> three weeks ago, I was told by Cogent that I need to execute a new
> contract to get IPv6 added to an existing IPv4 circuit (U.S.
> customer.)  This turned a simple pilot project with only a few I.T.
> folks involved into, well, I'm still waiting on this new contract to
> be executed.  I'm not surprised.

In fairness, we have a small commit. 

If you're talking multi-gigabit+, then perhaps they could be a little
more concerned about the amount of IPv6 traffic that you might start
pushing, leading to delay tactics and/or a required contract change to
protect themselves.

(Not that it's likely much to be concerned about. But then, I don't know
who your customer is. ;))

Or the more likely reality that one hand doesn't talk to the other and
everyone's getting varying answers/actions from Cogent, depending on
whom they speak with.