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cheapo UUFB solution for Cisco 7201

I've got a Cisco 7201 with about 500 L2TPv2 tunnels, and I suspect
that UUFB (unknown unicast flooding) is resulting in spiking (I put an
ACL on to kill broadcast traffic, so I'm sure that's not related).
I've googled and don't see anything for the 7201, just the 7600
series.  :/

i.e. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/7600/ios/12.2SR/configuration/guide/blocking.html

Anyone have any suggestions on (something cheap) that I can put in
front of this box to spare it from (what I suspect) is a gateway that
unicast floods when a MAC address has aged?

To add to my challenges, I'm in Brazil and importing gear is insanely
effing difficult.  :/

Also on LinkedIn?  Feel free to connect if you too are an open
networker: scubacuda at gmail.com