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Mac OS X 10.7, still no DHCPv6

On 2/28/11 6:51 AM, Nick Hilliard wrote:
> I will be a lot more sympathetic about listening to arguments /
> explanations about this insanity the day that the IETF filters out arp
> and ipv4 packets from the conference network and depends entirely on
> ipv6 for connectivity for the entire conference.

Oddly enough the meeting NOC is in the business of providing services to
customers and we generally assume that to be with the highest
availability and minimum breakage feasible under the circumstances...	

> "But we couldn't do that??!?!", I hear you say.

I would direct your attention to the ietf-v6ONLY SSID present during the
meeting and ask you to ponder what purpose it serves.

> I understand completely.

I am mystified.

> Nick