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Hughesnet outage - where can I ask?

 On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 17:27:31 -0430, Greg Ihnen wrote:
> I run a small network in the jungle of Venezuela which is fed by a
> rebranded Hughesnet connection. We just had a four day failure where
> the only protocol that worked was ICMP and we were completely without
> communication. Traceroutes all failed in a bizarre way when using 
> UDP,
> TCP or GRE packets but traceroute with ICMP worked fine. Our provider
> (Bantel) is blaming Hughesnet but I'm not finding anything to back
> that up in forums or in searching the web. I don't want to bother 
> this
> forum's members with my questions regarding what the traceroute
> results show and what the problem might be. Is there another forum
> where these questions would be appropriate? Thanks in advance.
> Greg
 As ugly workaround maybe make IP over ICMP tunnel

 My idea that maybe PEP (some acceleration software for tcp/udp) failed