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Sunday Funnies: Using a smart phone as a diagnostic tool

Subject: Sunday Funnies: Using a smart phone as a diagnostic tool Date: Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 09:00:18PM -0500 Quoting Jay Ashworth (jra at baylink.com):
> Do you have a smartphone?  Blackberry?  iPhone?  Android?
> Do you use it as a technical tool in your work, either for accessing
> devices or testing connectivity -- or something else?
> If so, what kind of phone, and what (if you don't mind letting on) are
> your magic apps for this sort of work?

Nokia n900. The only apps I installed was a sudo and vpnc; the rest
IIRC is in there already.
With Nokia shoving its collecitve head into the dark rear end of
Microsoft, I have few if any hopes for a successor from Esbo[0]. My
guess would be a r00ted Androidish device next time around.

M?ns Nilsson     primary/secondary/besserwisser/machina
MN-1334-RIPE                             +46 705 989668
The FALAFEL SANDWICH lands on my HEAD and I become a VEGETARIAN ...

[0] Swedish for "Espoo", the small suburb west of Helsingfors
    (Helsinki) where the HQ is.
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