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Sunday Funnies: Using a smart phone as a diagnostic tool

On 2/27/2011 4:00 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> Do you have a smartphone?  Blackberry?  iPhone?  Android?
Android, a Nexus One.

> Do you use it as a technical tool in your work, either for accessing
> devices or testing connectivity -- or something else?
> If so, what kind of phone, and what (if you don't mind letting on) are
> your magic apps for this sort of work?
Absolutely, I use it on a regular basis.  ConnectbotSSH is small, simple 
and just works.  Integrated VPN on the OS enables me to get in safe and 
secure, then I can ssh to whatever box I need to.  There are various 
password safe types of programs with native smartphone apps (mostly 
Android and iPhone as far as I'm aware).   USB Tethering and Wireless 
Hotspot ability (currently no extra charge on T-Mobile network) also 
enable me to do a quick bit of easy checking from outside infrastructure 
without need for a separate 3G dongle or similar.
> (My motivation?  Well, um, Lee, I'm looking at buying an HTC Thunderbolt,
> if everyone can get their thumbs out, and I want to get a feeling for
> the lanscape, if you'll pardon the pun. :-)
I think ultimately I'd prefer a physical keyboard on my phone.  Most of 
the time it's fine with a touch-screen keyboard, texting, e-mailing and 
surfing, when the keyboard can predict what you're typing (alternative 
keyboard swiftkey is excellent and learns from SMSs etc.)  However with 
ssh it can occasionally be a little irritating (alternative keyboard 
"Full Keyboard" helps.)  I'd be a lot faster with a physical keyboard.  
I often still keep my old Nokia Internet Tablet around, just in case, 
then pair it to my phone using wifi.