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World IPv6 Day (was: Mac OS X 10.7, still no DHCPv6)

>>> NOC: are you running a macintosh?
>>> User: yes, how did you guess?
>>> NOC: because it is broken.  get vista.

btw, i run macosx 10.6.6

Some Clueless Mac Fanchild:
>> While I'm as big a fan of IPv6 as anybody, I think in a comparison of
>> relative brokenness, Mac comes out quite favorably compared to Vista
>> in spite of their DHCPv6 deficiencies.

> Absolutely not. Mac OS X does not do proper source address selection
> according to RFC 3484. That makes it do things like preferring the use
> of link-local IPv6 addresses when connecting to global dual-stacked
> destinations, which of course won't work - as a result a 75 second
> long timeout is incurred for every single outgoing TCP connection.

i have hope for lion, and maybe even a patch for 10.6.  this stuff just
has to be fixed before world ipv6 day.

> My guess is that about 70-80% of the users calling Randy and others to
> report problems on ?World IPv6 Day? will be running Mac OS X.

sad to say, probably not.  the biggest problem here in japan is ntt [0].
they provide no global v6 [1], but an ipv6 walled garden against which
users will bang heads when they get a quad-a.  they own the last km,
provide the cpe, and own the government.  so we have to use them for
transport.  our customers will hit their broken implementation and call
us.  sweet!

the isps, in cooperation with ntt, are trying to sort this problem
before it occurs.  but it is not pretty and there is no good solution.



[0] - not the ntt which provides layers three and above, and even ipv6
      in the states and much of asia except japan.  this is ntt the
      telco semi-monopoly local bearer provider in japan and their ngn

[1] - apocrypha of japan being ipv6 rich are utter bs.