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Christchurch New Zealand

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> From: "mikea" <mikea at mikea.ath.cx>

> I diffidently suggest that amateur radio licensing, together with some
> battery-operated gear (think 2-meter or 70-cm handy-talkies at a minimum
> for short-haul comms, HF gear for longer-haul) may be Very Good Indeed
> in a disaster that takes down POTS service or government emergency
> communications. Folks interested in this might want to investigate
> ARES and/or RACES in the US, or similar activities in other countries.

Diffident, hell.  When did we get diffident?  :-)

We use "When All Else Fails" as a slogan for Amateur Radio Emergency
Communications for a reason...

The *real* problem is getting petty politics out of local ARES/RACES orgs.

-- jra