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Verizon MPLS service in Anchorage

On Thu, 24 Feb 2011, lists lists wrote:

> I'm seeing that packets marked as DSCP EF are given fantastic treatment (low
> jitter, no packet loss), but other packets, including AF41, AF31, and BE are
> given what appears to be the "junk bucket" treatment.

Hah, just a few days ago I spoke with an "engineer" at VZ that tried to 
claim that each of the treatments were different, but that they only 
charged extra for EF.  I asked why I shouldn't just put all my traffic in 
the highest "free" treatment and beat out all the other customers for the 
best treatment for mine.  He told me that "most of his customers weren't 
trying to get their traffic through at the expense of other customers".

Anyway, despite what their "engineers" say, only EF is actually treated on 
the VZ network better than BE, the rest are just to prioritize traffic at 
your own egress port.

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