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BGP Failover Question

On 2/21/2011 13:44, Max Pierson wrote:
>>Save yourself the headache and find a new provider that knows how to
> handle BGP
> I've had this happen with providers that do know how to handle BGP. Just
> because you peer with 3356, 701, etc, doesn't mean operators can't make
> a mistake. I've even seen this happen due to some wierd BGP behavior
> caused by some cool new "features". 
> IMHO, better to plan for it and deploy it as a policy (by whatever means).

On a predictable schedule? That's where I drew the line: they were
"fixing" something that was not "normal" to them every two months that
resulted in the problem the OP described. Yes, mistakes happen, but
identical repeating mistakes don't count in my book. I would expect my
providers to document changes and whoever is making changes to consult
it when they see a deviation from common config.