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Software Bugs

Good Day,

<Sorry, previous email sent by mistake>

I have always been exposed to one vendor only so i can never compare but I
am curious to know what every one here have seen in their lives on the

1) Which vendor has more bugs than others, what are the top 3 ?

2) Who is doing a better job fixing/handling these bugs overall

3) What do you consider is a good job in fixing/handling these bugs :

A) Response from technical support
B) Educated support engineers being able to respond to questions
C) Taking less time to identify bugs
D) Less time in fixing them
E) Transparent communication on their issues
F) Transparency from their teams allow us to plan better for our network
G) etc.....please add more

4) Specially Huawei, are they doing a good job or its a mess?

I would like to try to do some rating and ranking when it comes to bugs but
i need to know what i have to be looking at?