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[arin-ppml] NAT444 rumors (was Re: Looking for an IPv6naysayer...)

You can't get yourself an IPv6 Sage certification if you aren't running



On Feb 18, 2011, at 10:42 AM, George Bonser wrote:

>> You never been told something like "We don't do (or stock) that
> because
>> there's no demand for it! You know, you're the Nth person to ask about
>> it
>> today." I have, and many more times than merely once.
>> --
>> Mike Andrews, W5EGO
>> mikea at mikea.ath.cx
>> Tired old sysadmin
> Right, so what it takes is someone out there to create the demand.  It
> would actually be a great public service if someone were to do that.
> Some social networking, gaming, or some other sort of site that only the
> "cool kids" can access via v6, maybe.
> Nothing drives people nuts more than knowing there is something out
> there that they can't access.  Create something like that AND generate
> some buzz surrounding it, particularly if someone hears people talking
> about it and they can't access it themselves to see what the buzz is all
> about, and you have just built the required demand for v6 migration.  It
> is going to take v6-only content to do that, I think. Frankly, a v6 only
> service is easier to build and deploy.  Dual stacking causes problems
> with many applications, if it is native v6 and v6 only, it removes a lot
> of the "issues" with v6 migration.