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On 02/18/2011 08:59 AM, Joel Jaeggli wrote:
> normally ip addresses like that just attract additional unwanted traffic
> towards the advertised prefix...

Way back when ml.org was first doing dynamic dns, I tried it out and 
gave myself 'workgroup.ml.org'. All of a sudden, I started being 
bombarded with windows netbios traffic from all over creation (this was 
like 1998 or so, don't recall exactly but it was port 137 I think). I 
tried to get an explanation and to divine why all of a sudden having 
'workgroup.ml.org' made me a target, but I never got to the truth of it. 
The closest I came simply had to do with the default 'wrokgroup' name of 
windows 95 machines and something to do with dns/netbios resolution 
(bug?). It looked like it was stripping dots a little too agressively 
but then it's been many years and I don't do windows.

	To this day I wonder seriously if 'workgroup.com' or variations had or 
has a similar problem....