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BGP (in)security makes the AP wire

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 8:42 AM, Neil Harris <neil at tonal.clara.co.uk> wrote:

> The fact that the usable bandwidth resulting from ad-hoc mesh wiki would be
> tiny compared to broadband connections doesn't mean this sort of thing isn't
> worth trying: a few tens of kilobits a second is plenty for speech, and even
> a few hundred bits per second useful for basic text messaging.

it seemed that the 'freedombox' was targeted at (or so I thought from
the snippet I read) striking a blow against regimes that cut off
network access during 'high stress' periods. A few kbps would still be
better than nothing :)

of course, a coffee grinder (or something more sophisticated that'd be
available to the repressive regime du jour) can wipe out that few kbps
easily enough as well.