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Fwd: [arin-announce] IN-ADDR.ARPA Zone Transfer Complete

On 02/17/2011 07:11, Wolfgang Nagele wrote:
> Hi,
>> Relevant to another post today, I've noticed that neither the *.ip6-servers.arpa
>> nor the *.in-addr-servers.arpa allow axfr. Which leads to the following questions:
>> 1. Was that a conscious decision, and if so why?
> Speaking for the operator of f.in-addr-servers.arpa and f.ip6-servers.arpa this
> was simply not on our radar.
>> 2. Is there any hope that axfr could be permitted in the future?
> Since we are also operating k.root-servers.net and have provided XFR from it for
> all this time we will do so for these servers as well. This has now been enabled
> on our systems.

Thanks!  I sort of suspected that this was the case at least for the 
servers operated by RIPE NCC because of the history with K as you 
pointed out above. I appreciate your quick attention to this issue, and 
my (admittedly non-comprehensive) tests indicate that f.ip6-servers.arpa 
and f.in-addr-servers.arpa are indeed now allowing transfers.

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