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IPv6 mistakes, was: Re: Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

> In other words, you're going to tell Granny she needs to upgrade to
> Windows 8 and/or replace her CPE because you couldn't get your act
> together and deploy
> IPv6 - even though her friends at the bridge club who are customers of
> your clued competitor didn't have to do a thing.

Or tell her to run "Windows Update" and get the latest update for her
existing OS which has the patch.

> And then she has to do something *else* 9 months later when you need
> deploy IPv6 *anyhow*.

Maybe, maybe not.  It depends on how it is deployed.  That "something
else" might be as simple as "reboot the computer".

> I encourage my competitors to design their business plans that way. :)

Considering v4 is likely to be around for another decade or two, getting
Class E into general use seems easy enough to do.