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To the people who answer tech questions on this list

> As for LinkedIN, I have nothing against, it, but I don't use it. I don't
> have an account on it
> and not sure I ever want to. I'm already slightly on facebook, and very
> active on twitter,
> so nothing against linkedin, but there's just too many social media websites
> to keep track of....

There are no perfect solutions. It seems to me that Twitter is not
conducive to technical Q&A and given the choice between Facebook and
LinkedIn, it seems that the professional social network is more likely
to gain traction. Nobody has to participate if they don't want to;
it's just about adding a choice and seeing whether or not people
really want this kind of thing.

> ? ? ? ?Hmm, wouldn't http://serverfault.com/ or http://www.quora.com/ be a more
> ? ? ? ?appropriate / efficient forum for technical questions ? ?Or does it have
> ? ? ? ?to be NANOG specific ?

Never heard of Quora and that seems to be tied to Facebook, so not
ideal. As for serverfault, that is a good idea but serverfault is not
really for general IP networking questions related to routing and
switching or ISP networking. Therefore, I have proposed that the
operators of ServerFault and StackOverflow create a new site called
NANOG (maybe it shouldn't be exactly that name).
If you have questions, comments, or want to commit to using the site
for Q&A, please visit it and join in. It accepts Google, Yahoo,
MyOpenID, AOL and Facebook credentials.

--Michael Dillon