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Slaving the root and other top-level DNS zones

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 10:14:48 +0800, Phil Regnauld said:

>     Point 2:
>         I've heard that 98% of traffic to the root is junk, but since
>         NXDOMAINs get quickly neg cached, how much bandwidth conservation
>         and resource preservation are we talking about ?  If one takes
>         AS112 into account, how much improvement is this ?

If that's the CAIDA paper I'm thinking of, a lot of the 98% junk was the sort
of stuff you'd expect from broken sites who probably won't do neg caching
right - and in fact, a significant portion (30%?) was *specifically* sources
that failed to negative cache a reply and asking over and over again, often
multiple times a second.

Of course, those sort of broken sites probably will manage to screw up
deploying a local hints file, resulting in *more* traffic at the roots :)

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