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[arin-announce] IN-ADDR.ARPA Zone Transfer Complete

On 2011-02-16, at 17:33, Doug Barton wrote:

> This leads to 2 additional questions:
> 1. Is the zone available from those 2 locations "the same" as what's
> available on the authoritative servers, or is there a lag time between
> updates on the auth and the xfr servers?

The two servers mentioned transfer the zone from the same place as the *.in-addr-servers.arpa servers. They're a little closer than some of the other servers. I imagine some propagation lag between them would be visible with the right instrumentation. The speed of light is the speed of light.

> 2. Is there any objection to having those servers listed in publicly
> available documentation on how to configure resolvers to slave the root
> and related zones?

My personal opinion is that such advice is misguided, but we place no restrictions on the soundness of the reasons for transferring zones from those places :-)