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SmartNet Alternatives

Can anybody point to dependable analysis of the performance credentials on "green" (CO2/carbon neutral, recycling, etc) and financial cost recovery of the Internet vendors such Juniper and Cisco et al? 

The story emerging here is not looking very encouraging. 


On 13 Feb 2011, at 21:54, Randy Carpenter wrote:

>> How does Juniper feel about used hardware?
>> ~Seth
> I love Juniper's hardware and software, and support. However, the way they deal with used or second hand hardware is terrible. It is not possible to transfer ownership at all. You can not resell anything, and hope to get any software updates or support. The challenge is that Cisco refurb with SmartNet is generally considerably cheaper than new Juniper. It makes it tough to sell Juniper in many situations. We have the same problem with NetApp. It seems that these companies would rather see their equipment end up in a landfill, and have the secondary market turn to a different vendor, rather than being responsible, and making it possible for equipment to be reused instead of trashed. It really annoys me.
> Disclaimer: I am a Juniper and NetApp partner/reseller, and love their stuff. I just hate their policies.
> -Randy