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> From: "Michael Dillon" <wavetossed at googlemail.com>

> > folks called them "backward" and "stuck in ipv4-think." But the fact
> > of the matter is, operators want a protocol to be as simple, efficient,
> > flexible, and stupid as possible. They don't want the protocol tied to how
> > things work today; it needs to be open to innovation and variety.
> This sounds a lot like bellhead speak.

As a long time fan of David Isen, I almost fell off my chair laughing at 
that, Michael: Bell *wanted* things -- specifically the network -- smart
and complicated; Isen's POV, which got him... well, I don't know if 
"laughed out of" AT&T is the right way to phrase it, but it's close enough, 

Stupid network; smart endpoints.

That seems entirely compatible with the proposed preference for IPv6
which you dismiss above as Bellhead.

-- jra