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NY Times on IPv4 depletion

In message <4D597216.1030400 at brightok.net>, Jack Bates writes:
> On 2/14/2011 12:12 PM, Cameron Byrne wrote:
> > Too bad the article pushes my mobile device to their mobile site
> > mobile.nytimes.com and that references an ipv4 literal for the picture to
> > load .... so not only is nytimes not ipv6 it is also broken for ipv6 only
> > users behind nat64 ....
> That's almost as bad as the hundreds of subdomains used in webpages 
> which sometimes hit broken load balancers (reporting nxdomain for AAAA). 

Very few do that anymore.  What they do however is return the wrong SOA

> So you have to check each and every domain in the source to find which 
> ones are broken.

Which one really shouldn't have to do.  Add DS-Lite support to the
phone and have the carriers advertise that they support DS-Lite and
the IPv4 literal problem goes away.

This has been done in a phone already so it is possible to do.

> Jack
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