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Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...


at several points you assert that gtlds are "global", which i suggest 
is an error on your part.

gtlds are whatever the controlling contract (icann) requires, and that 
currently lacks an external to the point of service performance 
measurement, and whatever the registrants require, with some filtering 
through the marginal interests of registrars.

the icann contract for the .cat registry is "sponsored", and the 
interest of the registry, and its registrants, is marginal outside of 

the icann contract for some municipality or region, assuming the new 
gtld program results in new contracts, may be "standard" or 
"community-based", but the intersts of the registry, and its 
registrants, may also be marginal outside of that municipality or region.

you can decide for yourself if your preference for the policy and 
profit margins for .nyc are controlling, or if the preferences of the 
city administration, the registry operator, and, using either the .cat 
or the .nl rates of adoption, a quarter of a million or four million 
new yorkers are controlling.

if there is a registry the operations for which you are familiar 
enough to discuss, we can discuss the necessity and utility of a v6 
reachibility requirement, though the prior to delegation requirement 
is unique to the proposed contract for new registries.