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Old Annex question

Never used those but on some gear from that era it had to.be repeated 3x
like the Hayes +++ attention sequence.
On Feb 12, 2011 9:02 PM, "Brian Feeny" <bfeeny at mac.com> wrote:
> Sad but true, I still have a few of these in operation as terminal
servers. In reading the documentation I could find it wasn't clear to me how
to solve my issue. I use these to manage Cisco routers.
> How can I connect to a server, and then drop back to the CLI, so I can
then connect to another server, and keep switching back and forth? I thought
I could just set the attn_string to say "^A" and then I could just hit that
and it would work, but it doesn't seem to. I basically want to emulate the
same functionality you can get when you do ^^x on a Cisco terminal server
> here is how its configured right now:
> %rotary
> host1: 1 at
> host2: 2 at
> host3: 3 at
> %gateway
> annex
> net default gateway metric 1 hardwired
> end
> So I connect to my annex by telnetting to, then I type say
host1, but I want to drop back to the CLI, any ideas how to escape to CLI
once connected?
> I figured that since many of you are from my same era and these were
popular with ISP's of the day, someone here may know......
> Brian