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IPv6 is on the marketers radar

> > They missed an important point.
> >
> > > Who Will Be Impacted: For more consumers, there will be negligible
> > > impact. "The ISPs will be handling much of this,? said Leo Vegoda,
> a
> > > researcher with ICANN. (via TechNewsWorld). Some technology users
> > > may experience some glitches, such as people using VPN software to
> > > connect with their offices or users of point-to-point software such
> > > as Skype, he adds.
> >
> > Anyone that uses a residential router (Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, etc)
> > is likely to need to upgrade that, most likely by buying a new one.
> Speaking of which: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/020811-cisco-
> linksys-ipv6.html
> ;)

Key quote in that article from Cisco explains why they are still behind.  

"IPv6 is foundational to the next-generation Internet, enabling a range of new services and improved user experiences."

Apparently they see IPv6 as some "next-generation Internet" thing.  It isn't.  It is imperative in keeping THIS generation of internet running.  This has nothing to do with any new services or improving anyone's experience.  This is about maintaining existing services and even being able to have an experience at all.  It is going to become increasingly difficult to maintain ubiquitous v4 service.  In fact, v6 is going to degrade some people's experience slightly because the larger protocol overhead means less payload for a given size packet meaning it will take more packets to transfer a given amount of data.  

Apparently some people in this world believe that IPv6 somehow creates a "different" internet.  It doesn't.  It simply adds more house numbers to the existing streets.