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Cruzio peering

A Cruzio employee kindly provided me with the following information 
regarding their peering and connectivity. I pasted it below (with 
permission) because I thought it might be of use to others:

"Cruzio maintains a backbone of wireless points of presence (POP) on
various mountain tops overlooking the Monterey Bay, South
San Francisco Bay, and Silicon Valley Regions.

Cruzio wireless POPs are present on Mount Umunhum, Mount Allison,
Loma Prieta and Black Mountain to name a few.

Cruzio wireless POPs are fed from the Equinix San Jose facility. At 
Equinix, Cruzio is cross connected into a peering exchange to an 
aggregate of content providers which include Google, You Tube and 
several others. Non-peered connectivity is provided by Above.net who is 
also colocated in that facility.

Cruzio leases dark fiber on the cable built and owned by Sunesys,
which is also used by UCSC. This fiber cable links the Cruzio facility 
at 877 Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz with the Level 3 Sunnyvale
facility 46 miles away. Connectivity to the Internet is provided by
Level 3 and Cogent.

A high-speed/high-bandwidth wireless link connects the Cruzio 877 Cedar
facility with the Equinix San Jose facility via Mount Umunhum to provide
a wireless failover to the fiber in event of a fiber outage.

Cruzio wholesales AT&T DSL. All DSL traffic is aggregated over AT&T 
fiber to the 200 Paul Avenue facility where it is connected to the 
Internet through a variety of providers.

While the fiber and new data center are being turned up and tested, 
Cruzio hosted servers remain connected over AT&T fiber to the he.net 
Fremont 1 facility.
Connectivity to the Internet is through he.net, who are themselves 
connected and peered to multiple Tier 1 providers."