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BCP38 considerations in IPv6

In message <acd7c570039e58b67bbf64e467f4b12b at>, Ryan Rawdon writes
> Hello NANOGers - 
> What considerations should be made with respect to implementing egress
> filtering based on source IPv6 addresses? Things like allowing traffic
> sourced from fe80::/10 in said filters for on-link communication (for the
> interface that the filter is applied to).  Is there anything else that
> should be taken into account while implementing BCP38 egress filtering in
> IPv6?
> Ryan

You should definitely make sure you block ULA prefixes leaving your
site by default.

	add unreach admin all from any to fc00::/7 via gif0
	add unreach admin all from fc00::/7 to any via gif0
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