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ARIN and IPv6 Requests

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 2:38 PM,  <ADWebb at dstsystems.com> wrote:
> Why does ARIN require detailed usage of IPv4 space when requesting IPv6
> space? Seems completely irrelevant to me.

Hi Adam,

I think it's a basic "who are you and why are you speaking to us?"
question. If ARIN already knows you from previous registration
activity (question 11) then you skip questions 13 and 14 (list IPv4

Kind of like: why does a cop ask for your vehicle registration? He's
already plugged your license plate into his computer, so he knows
everything that's on the card.

It's a spot check, an opportunity to see that something is amiss,
requiring a closer look.

Bill Herrin

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