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10GBASE-T Switches

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 09:33 +0000, Roberts, Brent wrote:
> Looking for feedback/recommendations on higher density Switch?s in the
> 10GBASE-T arena.
> Preferably TOR switches if possible.
> Minimum 16 ports usable for Rack Server connectivity + Uplinks to
> Collapsed Twin Distro/Core setup.
> Found the Arista 7X00 family to have the density I am looking for but
> others of similar spec would be appreciated.
>  Any Thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dell sell (I doubt they make it) their '8024' 24-port 10GBASE-T switch.


I've not used one myself, and it's probably not pretty, but it fits your