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IPv6 mistakes, was: Re: Looking for an IPv6 naysayer...

On 10/02/2011, at 4:39 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:

> In message <alpine.BSF.2.00.1102092156050.16359 at goat.gigo.com>, Jason Fesler wri
> tes:
>>> In my recent probe of route servers, I found 22 legacy /8's that were partly
>>> or completely unused.  I'm a little surprised ARIN/ICANN thinks it's a waste
>>> of time to even try to reclaim them.
> Because it is a waste of time and money.

That's an assertion I've heard, but has anyone quantified it?   How much time and money would it take?  Has anyone just asked the 22 /8 holders mentioned above nicely if they might just like to give them back for some good publicity?  You know, US DoD migrates to IPv6 and returns X /8s for the good of the American people (assume ARIN) so that broadband might continue to grow and thrive in the land of the free?