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Is it permissible to advertise number resources allocated by one RIR to a ISP in a region governed by a different RIR? Practical?

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011, Crooks, Sam wrote:

> Is it permissible, from a policy perspective, for a multi-homed end user
> to announce the numbering resource allocation received from one RIR (for
> discussion purposes, let's say ARIN) to upstream service providers in a
> different region (for example, in the RIPE region)?

Nope.  The RIR-police will shut you down.

Just kidding.  I'm in ARIN's region and have a customer in Africa for 
whom we're announcing AFRINIC space.  It happens.  As long as you have 
authorization from the registrant (I'd say owner, but the RIR-semantics 
police would come for me) of the space, I wouldn't worry about utilizing 
"out of region" numbering resources.

This sort of thing probably happens quite a bit more than you'd 
guess...both legitmately and not.

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