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Too bigs are sacred, was: Re: IPv6 addressing for core network

Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> On 9 feb 2011, at 18:30, David Freedman wrote:
>> (yes, even ICMP TOOBIG
>> can be filtered safely if you have designed things in a sane way)
> NO.
> Even if you run with 1280-byte MTUs everywhere so you'd think path MTU discovery wouldn't be needed, this can still cause problems with IPv6-to-IPv4 translators.

Calm down, I think you misunderstand,

I'm suggesting that you don't design your infrastructure in such a way
that your backbone/infrastructure links ever have to receive TOOBIG
messages from outside your AS and work with these, your backbone links
are of course free to send TOOBIG out!



David Freedman
Group Network Engineering
Claranet Group