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Telco style routing, was What's really needed is a routing slot market

>The way LNP works is a good example of PSTN style routing scaling. ...

>When a phone call is made, a TCAP query is launched by the originating 
>switch to a set of STPs that then route it to an LNP database, that has 
>a full list of every ported number, and its LRN, and a few other tidbits 
>of info.

Right.  That works great in an environment where the regulators
require that every telco pay Neustar to maintain the LNP databases,
and send all the updates promptly when a number is ported or

The telcos pay Neustar $300 million a year to run the database.  I'm
sure they'd be delighted to run a similar database for IP networks at
a similar price.  Of course, that just handles the networks in the

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