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US Warships jamming Lebanon Internet


I'm sysadmin of Lebanese ISP. 
Almost at same time i got heavy interference on few of my C-Band carriers, and 
it looks like electronic warfare jamming, because i can see phase modulated, 
very weak signal, but it is completely breaking almost any communications on 
my carriers.

Strange thing, that our uplink station confirm that interference is not local 
on my side, but on satellite carrier. If this will be confirmed, that means it 
is not just miscommunication between authorities about frequency usage, it 
will be intentional damage for Lebanese communications.

Sure it can be coincidence in time or something else, but last 6 years i 
experience similar terrible interference only during 2006 Lebanon vs Israel 

>Lebanon's Telecom minister is claiming that US Navy radar is blocking the
>country's Internet..
>>"The problem, however, is due to a coordination error related to waves,"
>> Nahhas told OTV, adding that an investigation was underway to find out
>> whether this act is "intentional or not."
>also at