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Top webhosters offering v6 too?

On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 7:21 PM, Joel Jaeggli <joelja at bogus.com> wrote:
> On 2/6/11 7:08 PM, Adam Rothschild wrote:
>> We (voxel.net, AS 29791) offer dual-stack on all server and cloud
>> products. ?As others have pointed out, SoftLayer is an excellent
>> example of a hosting provider that Gets It on a large scale.
>> Sadly, v6 support on popular "cloud-only" services is suspiciously
>> absent. ?Terremark vCoudExpress, Savvis, Amazon EC2, among others
>> don't support it today, or on any public roadmaps...
> It's worth noting that the address space used in the large public clouds
> ?almost certainly overlaps with one's own private numbering plan, and
> having had to interconnect with some "public cloud" I can tell you that
> I do not appreciate having to 1:1 nat several thousand potential systems.
> I poked several about v6 support it would be greately appreciated if
> other people would likewise contact your account reps.

No need friend.  The AWS support thread on IPv6 goes back to 2007 ...
and still no support. I'd give up and move on ... just like an ISP
that does not support IPv6 today.  It's a fight not worth picking.

Between Voxel and Softlayer, i assume nearly any need can be met ...
and the VPS market is pretty cut throat and customers can move quick.
We cannot talk blue in the face about how people should support IPv6,
that time has passed.  Many organizations do support IPv6, they have
had the forethought, and we should really vote with our dollars and
not yet another round of posturing about how important v6 is and how X
company should add IPv6 to their roadmap.

Cloud and mobile are 2 very fast growing edges ... and you cannot do
any level of network planning for these fast growing edges and
overlook IPv6.

T-Mobile USA IPv6 Beta