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Weekend Gedankenexperiment - The Kill Switch

On Feb 6, 2011, at 8:57 AM, isabel dias wrote:

> do you have a satellite dish? what are your dish pointing coordinates......we just need to find out what is going on the air interface  ...

I don't personally have one but of of the companies that I contract to is in the satellite networks business.  It wouldn't take much to pack up a 1.2m antenna, LNB, BUC, iDirect router, cables, and be on the air.  The 3.8m would be a bit more difficult to pack up.  ;-)

As for pointing, pick a Ku-band satellite viewable from Chicago and I could be on it.  There's a bunch of them.  The iDirect 7350 router will do iDirect TDMA or SCPC.

Ryan Wilkins