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What's really needed is a routing slot market

On 2/6/11 9:32 AM, John Curran wrote:
> One hopes that the costs of consuming routing table slots creates
> backpressure to discourage needless use, and that the royalities
> receive offset the costs of carrying any additional routing table
> slots.
> Note that our present system lacks both consistent backpressure on 
> consumption of routing table slots and compensation for carrying 
> additional routes.

The costs of carrying routes is unevenly distributed. when I have to
carry 2 million routes in my fib on few hundred 120Gb/s line cards it's
a bit different than someone with a software router who just has to make
sure they have 4GB of ram...

That has very attractive properties along some dimensions. e.g. the cost
at the margin of connecting a new participant to the internet is rather low.