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Random Port Blocking at Hotels (was: Re: quietly....)

 > If they don't document partial internet access blockage in the
 > contract and the contract says they are providing internet access,
 > then, they are in breach and you are free to depart without a
 > termination fee and in most cases, demand a refund for service to
 > date.

 > (Yes, I have successfully argued this on multiple occasions).

 > In fact, I get free internet in most of the more expensive hotel
 > environments as a result.

It's more likely you get free internet service in expensive hotels 
because the guy/girl behind the front desk has been empowered to cancel 
out a ridiculously high charge for Internet when a guest starts 
jabbering at them about how the Internet didn't work for them for any 
reason, to keep the line moving and to make the guest happy, rather than 
any higher authority hunkering down with the CEO, legal staff, and CTO 
and saying "by God, this Owen character is right, we're in breach of 
contract and his definition of the purity of Internet ports has so 
stunned us with its symmetry and loveliness that we shall bow down and 
sin no more!  Thank you Mr. DeLong from making the blind see again!"

I mean, it's gratifying to think you've won the argument (hence: this is 
why they do it), but you could also have argued that they were giving 
out non-contiguous subnet masks or Class E addresses and it would have 
had the same effect.

Try that next time and let us know how it works.


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