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On 2/5/2011 1:37 AM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Not sure how I feel about a more adaptive version. Sounds like it would be better
> than the current state, but, I vastly prefer "I pay, you route. If I want filtration, I'll
> tell you."
I generally agree with you. However, I also believe that every network 
has a responsibility to assist in the overall well being of the Internet 
as well as provide the best service they can to their customers. In 
general, this means maintaining network stability and stopping abuse 
when detected. The slowest and last resort of abuse handling is done by 
an abuse and/or security department responsible for handling complaints. 
Stopping things prior to a complaint (which sometimes don't come at all 
and sometimes is a screaming roar) is even better.


Eh, you know all of them anyways, and it's taking forever to troll the 
archives. :)

Filtering is an age old argument, though. I wish I could live without 
it, personally.