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Weekend Gedankenexperiment - The Kill Switch

> Dang nabbit. Stupid advancing technology. (During an internet outtage
> wonder
> if new orders for POTS phone service would be quashed in the interest
> of
> 'public safety'... :)
> /kc
> --

UUCP works just fine over TCP/IP and works with Exim and Postfix (I have
used both with UUCP over TCP/IP) with regular ARPA style addresses (@
addressing).  Might be worthwhile to set up just to keep in practice.
Once served as an MX host for a local family that moved overseas for a
while and they had their own domain.  They would connect to the Internet
when they could, connect to me and pull the family's mail by UUCP over
TCP/IP.  That wasn't that long ago (less than 10 years ago).

It is actually a pretty decent way to collect email for an entire domain
when you have only intermittent connectivity.