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On Friday, February 04, 2011 09:05:09 am Derek J. Balling wrote:
> I think they'll eventually notice a difference. How will an IPv4-only internal host know what to do with an IPv6 AAAA record it gets from a DNS lookup?

If the CPE is doing DNS proxy (most do) then it can map the AAAA record to an A record it passes to the internal client, with an internal address for the record chosen from RFC1918 space, and perform IPv4-IPv6 1:1 NAT from the assigned RFC1918 address to the external IPv6 address from the AAAA record (since you have at least a /64 at your CPE, you can even use the RFC1918 address in the lower 32 bits.... :-P).  

This may already be a standard, or a draft, or implemented somewhere; I don't know.  But that is how I would do it, just thinking off the top of my head.