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My upstream ISP does not support IPv6

Hi Franck,

On 2/4/11 4:04 AM, Franck Martin wrote:
> The biggest complaint that I hear from ISPs, is that their upstream
> ISP does not support IPv6 or will not provide them with a native IPv6
> circuit.
> Is that bull?
> I thought the whole backbone is IPv6 now, and it is only the
> residential ISPs that are still figuring it out because CPE are still
> not there yet.
> Where can I get more information? 
> Any list of peering ISPs that have IPv6 as part of their products?

There is a list of LIRs (ISPs) in RIPE NCC service region that have some 
aspects of IPv6 sorted out:
- got address space
- registered route6 in Routing Registry
- got reverse DNS delegation
- and are visible in ris.ripe.net

If they have all "4 stars", they are listed here (per country)

That still does not mean that they are offering IPv6 to their customers, 
but it is a good indication.

I hope this helps,

(IPv6 Ripeness goddess ;-)