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Weekend Gedankenexperiment - The Kill Switch

On Thu, 3 Feb 2011, Ryan Wilkins wrote:

>> ---- Original Message -----
>>> What do you do when you get home to put it back on the air -- let's
>>> say email as a base service, since it is -- do you have the gear laying around,
>>> and how long would it take?
>> Focus on this part, BTW, folks; let's ignore the politics behind the
>> shutdown.  :-)

1.  I always keep a printed copy of all email and cellphone contacts that
    I normally would have access to online.

2.  Critical is contacting your users.  Normally your company has its
    mailing list but that is now down.  You could set up a new list via
    Google groups or Yahoogroups or even your own Mailman on a VPS, but
    what about the list of users?  Always keep an updated exported list of
    your users on a DoK so you can rebuild later.

3.  Website: as above, keep a duplicate copy of your basic HTML pages on
    some DoK that you can take with you.  Have the user+pswd to your
    registrar so you can repoint your DNS to some new site you now setup up
    with the new updated info about your downtime.