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> From: "Matthew Huff" <mhuff at ox.com>

> It really is a different universe for University/ISP versus corporate
> networks. Neither is wrong or right, but both have different needs. My
> complaint is that my sense is that Ipv6 was designed and favors the
> ISP environment rather than corporate networks.
> A corporate network really does want to ignore next year's new hot
> protocol unless it makes business sense to support it. There may be
> regulatory reasons to block it (we are required to archive all email
> and instant messages) or management may decide it's a waste of time to
> support or management may feel it's a waste of people's work time to
> use. Obviously as a end-user with residential FTTH, I want something
> completely different from my ISP.

To steal some telco terminology, and tie into my previous reply to Valdis,
*what is the demarcation point*?

In most cases, it's the edge router.

In .edu, it's generally a departmental or resnet router, or even closer to 
the end workstations than that.

But inside the demarc, policy and engineering may -- and nearly always 
will -- hew to different standards.

-- jra