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And so it ends...

On Thu, 03 Feb 2011 13:39:25 PST, George Herbert said:

> It's probably most practical for them to renumber into a subset of
> their existing space, collapsing down from the whole /8 into a /10 or
> something longer, which would free up 75% of that space or more.

And they want to go to the trouble of doing that, why, exactly?

Imagine taking that to the CIO and/or budgeting people: "We want to start this
$mumble-million project to renumber".  What's the first question they'll ask?
"What's it mean for *our* bottom line?" What's the second? "Then why do we want
to spend this money?"

It just ain't gonna happen till  you have good answers to those. "We can spend
$mumble-million renumbering into 1/4 of the space, and then sell off the other
3/4 to various entities for an estimated $mumble-million+20%".

*Then* it will happen.

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