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> Well, since ssh is a straight up tcp socket protocol on a well know
> port with no gimmicks needed like FTP, yeah, I would say it isn't a
> hack. FTP over TLS/SSL is much worse. In some implementations you can
> do an non-encrypted control channel and an encrypted data channel, so
> that a SPI firewall can "hack" it through, but unfortunately a lot of
> servers and/or clients won't negotiate that correctly and only allow
> both type of channels to be encrypted which is not possible to pass
> through a SPI firewall.
> There are two other sorta widely implemented secure file transfer
> protocols, SCP and WebDav over TLS/SSL. Either works fine through a
> SPI firewall, but the consensus for file transfer (at least over the
> pub net) within the financial services community appears to be
> converging to FTP over ssh.

Do you mean sftp, or ftp over an ssh tunnel?