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And so it ends...

On 2/3/2011 14:16, John Curran wrote:
> then answer is that the database is managed as part of ARIN's mission, per
> policies established by the community.
> If you're trying to ask a different question, I'm more than happy to
> answer, but I'd ask that you be more explicit.
> On Feb 3, 2011, at 1:41 PM, Ernie Rubi wrote:
>>> I think it's OK to say you cannot/would rather not answer the question,
>>> instead of giving a non-answer.  I was trying to follow along with your
>>> 'the community acquiescence gives us the legal right to take back
>>> legacy IP addresses' argument.

I guess my question here is, does ARIN have the right to take Legacy IP space
if it's not being used properly?  For example 44/8 which is Legacy from IANA.

Or does legacy in this context mean a company with a /14 allocation from ARIN
thats not using it? If so, how often, if ever has ARIN done this?  Can you
provide some examples of this being done?

Bryan Fields

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